Comprehensive Guide to Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Comprehensive Guide to Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Fishing is a popular pastime in the United States, and Arkansas is no exception. With its diverse waterways and abundant fish species, it’s a haven for anglers. This article will focus on trout fishing in Arkansas, providing a comprehensive guide to the regulations, limits, and licensing requirements.

Understanding Fishing Licenses in Arkansas

In Arkansas, all anglers over the age of fifteen who wish to fish for trout must possess a valid Arkansas fishing license and a trout permit. These can be obtained from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

Comprehensive Guide to Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Arkansas Fishing Regulations

Arkansas has specific regulations for trout fishing to ensure the sustainability of the fish population. For instance, the use of trout parts as bait is prohibited, and chumming is illegal in trout waters. Additionally, culling of trout is not allowed; all harvested trout must be kept and not thrown back.

Daily Trout Limits in Arkansas

The daily limit for harvesting trout in Arkansas is five fish. However, no more than two trout can be harvested from each of the following species: cutthroat, brown, and brook. The daily limit encompasses any combination of the available trout species, which includes brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat.

Size Limits for Trout in Arkansas

While there are no statewide trout size limits in Arkansas, certain bodies of water impose protected slot length restrictions. For most of these areas, the prohibited harvesting length is between thirteen and sixteen inches.

Rainbow Trout Size Limit

There is no statewide length limit for rainbow trout. However, certain bodies of water impose a protected length limit, which means rainbow trout of that size cannot be caught.

White River Limits

The daily limit for trout caught on the White River is five fish, similar to the state limit. Rainbow trout do not have a length limit. Any combination of the four trout species may be kept as long as there is a maximum of:

  • Only one cutthroat measuring longer than sixteen inches
  • One brown trout measuring longer than twenty-four inches
  • One brook trout measuring longer than fourteen inches.


Fishing in Arkansas offers a unique experience for both novice and experienced anglers. However, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the state’s fishing regulations to ensure the sustainability of the fish population. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a rewarding fishing experience while contributing to the conservation of Arkansas’s aquatic resources.

For more detailed information on fishing regulations, size limits, and specific area restrictions, refer to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission’s Trout Guidebook.

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