Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Licenses and Regulations in Utah

Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Licenses and Regulations in Utah

The excitement of landing a rainbow trout and the peace of a day by the water are just two examples of the variety of experiences available when fishing in Utah. However, to ensure a smooth and legal fishing experience, it’s crucial to understand the state’s fishing regulations, including licensing requirements and daily bag limits. This guide provides comprehensive information on these topics, aiming to serve as a mentor to both novice and experienced anglers.

Utah Fishing Regulations

To fish in Utah state waters, anglers older than eleven years of age must possess a valid Utah fishing license. All anglers must adhere to size and daily bag limits imposed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Fishing is allowed year-round, except for specially regulated waters which list closures and species limits in the fishing guidebook.

The Utah Fishing Guidebook summarizes the laws and rules that govern fishing in Utah. It’s important to note that the Utah Legislature approved several proposed changes to Utah’s fishing and hunting license fees, which went into effect on July 1, 2023.

Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Licenses and Regulations in Utah

Utah Rainbow Trout Size Limit

For most Utah state waters, there is no size limit for harvested rainbow trout. However, for certain water bodies, such as the Kolob Reservoir, slot lengths typically between 15 and 22 inches are considered protected and should be thrown back.

Utah Fishing License

Any angler over the age of eleven, whether resident or non-resident, must possess a valid Utah fishing license while fishing in Utah state waters. The following table outlines the various prices for Utah fishing licenses:

License Type Resident Price Non-Resident Price
Three day $19 $31
Seven day $30 $51
Annual (ages 12 to 13) $5 $10
Annual (ages 14 to 17) $16 $34
Annual (ages 18 to 64) $40 $94
Annual (ages 65+) $31 $94

Utah fishing licenses are available for purchase from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources by phone, in person, online, or from any valid license vendor.

Utah Trout Limit

The daily bag limit for trout caught in Utah state waters is four fish. This includes a combination of trout, grayling, and salmon. However, there are certain state waters that allow for possession of extra brook trout.

By understanding and adhering to these regulations, anglers can ensure a legal and enjoyable fishing experience in Utah. Always remember to check the latest regulations before heading out, as they can change from year to year. Happy fishing!

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