Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Licenses and Regulations in Alabama

Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Licenses and Regulations in Alabama

Fishing is a popular pastime in Alabama, with both freshwater and saltwater opportunities. However, to maintain sustainable fish populations, the state has implemented specific regulations, including fishing licenses and catch limits. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to these regulations, focusing on trout fishing in Alabama.

Alabama Fishing Regulations

All anglers, regardless of residency, over the age of fifteen must possess a valid Alabama fishing license to fish in either freshwater or saltwater bodies in the state. Anglers are responsible for fishing only within the approved fishing seasons for the species outlined by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Certain species are off-limits at any time of year, and these must be immediately released upon capture.

Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Licenses and Regulations in Alabama

It’s also important for anglers to be familiar with the allowed types of fishing gear for certain Alabama waters and target species. At certain times of the year or in specific places, some gear may not be permitted. For detailed information on Alabama fishing regulations, check the Outdoor Alabama website.

Alabama Speckled Trout Limit

Speckled trout, also known as spotted seatrout, are a popular catch in Alabama. The catch limit for speckled trout in Alabama is six fish per person per day. Speckled trout must measure no less than 15 inches and no greater than 22 inches in length. Each person is allowed one fish over the maximum size limit per day.

Alabama White Trout Size Limit

White trout, also known as silver or sand seatrout, are another common catch in Alabama. Unlike speckled trout, there is no size limit for white trout in Alabama. This means that there is not a minimum or maximum size limit. Likewise, there is no daily possession limit for white trout in the state of Alabama.

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