Get Your Colorado Fishing License: Quick and Easy Steps

Get Your Colorado Fishing License: Quick and Easy Steps

Colorado, a state that could give Mother Nature a run for her money with its jaw-dropping landscapes, is a paradise for anglers. Whether you’re looking to zen out by a tranquil lake or battle the rapids of a feisty river, the fishing spots here are as varied as the fish tales you’ll tell. But hold your horses—or should we say, rods—before you make a splash, you’ll need a fishing license. Fear not, dear reader, for this guide is your golden ticket to a legal and downright delightful fishing escapade.

Understanding The Types Of Fishing Licenses In Colorado

Resident Fishing Licenses

Colorado’s fishing community is as colorful as a box of lures, and the licensing options? Just as diverse. Here’s the lowdown for resident anglers:

  • Resident Annual: The all-you-can-fish buffet pass for the year-round enthusiast.
  • Resident Youth Annual: Get the kiddos hooked early with this under-18 special.
  • Resident Senior Annual: A tip of the hat to the seasoned anglers with a sweet discount.
  • Resident 1-Day: A taste of the angler’s life, no strings—or long-term commitments—attached.
  • Resident Additional-Day: Because sometimes one day just isn’t enough.
  • Resident Senior Low-Income Lifetime: Fishing fun shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, or a fin.
  • Resident Disability Lifetime: Casting a line towards inclusivity.
  • Resident VA Lifetime: Saluting our veterans with a lifetime of fishing bliss.

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses

Visitors, we haven’t forgotten about you. Whether you’re here for a quick nature nibble or a full-course outdoor feast, we’ve got you covered:

  • Non-Resident Annual: For those who just can’t stay away from our Colorado charm.
  • Non-Resident Short-Term: Perfect for a brief romance with our rivers and lakes.

Special Licenses

And for those who deserve an extra tip of the wader, special licenses honor our community heroes and those with disabilities.

New Additions For 2024

Heads up! In 2024, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is spicing things up with new digital delights on the myColorado mobile app. Think of it as your Swiss Army knife for the great outdoors.

How To Purchase Your Colorado Fishing License

Purchase At A Retail Location

Old-school charm meets the great outdoors. Here’s the classic way to snag your license:

  1. Find an Authorized Location: From bait shops to your corner store, we’re everywhere.
  2. Provide Identification: Whip out that ID like a pro.
  3. Select the License Type: Pick your potion—annual, youth, senior, or short-term.
  4. Make Payment: Cash, card, or check—just like buying a lottery ticket, but with better odds.
  5. Receive Your License: And voilà, you’re officially an angler.

Purchase By Phone

For those who prefer a human touch, dial up for your fishing fix:

  1. Call the Toll-Free Number: 1-800-244-5613, where friendly voices await.
  2. Provide Necessary Information: They’ll need the basics—name, birthday, and that secret social security number.
  3. Choose the License Type: Chat about your fishing dreams, and they’ll set you up.
  4. Payment Details: Card numbers at the ready!
  5. Receive Confirmation: You’ll get a number, and the postman will bring your prize.

Purchase Online

Click, click, boom—your license is in the room. Here’s the speedy version:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Colorado Parks and Wildlife is your online fishing buddy.
  2. Create or Log into Your Account: Newbies sign up, returners sign in.
  3. Navigate to the Fishing License Section: Just follow the digital breadcrumbs.
  4. Select the License Type: All the options at your fingertips.
  5. Add to Cart and Checkout: Shopping for licenses is almost as fun as shopping for gear.
  6. Payment Options: All the plastic is fantastic—Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.
  7. Print or Save Your License: Instant gratification, or save it for a rainy day.

Utilizing The MyColorado™ App For Fishing Licenses

Downloading And Setting Up The App

In the digital age, even fishing goes high-tech. The myColorado app is your eco-friendly sidekick for license display. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Find the App: Look for the official logo—it’s like finding the right lure.
  2. Download and Install: Just a tap away from greatness.
  3. Open the App: Welcome to the future of fishing.
  4. Create an Account: They’ll need to know you’re not a fish.
  5. Verify Your Identity: A little security dance to keep the trolls at bay.
  6. Set Up Your Profile: Get cozy, add your info, and you’re golden.

Accessing Your Fishing License Within The App

Once you’re in, your digital license is as easy to find as a fish in a barrel:

  1. Log In: Enter the digital fishing grounds.
  2. Navigate to the Wallet Section: Where your digital treasures await.
  3. Find Your Fishing License: Among the other shiny objects.
  4. View and Display: Show it off when the authorities swim by.
  5. Optional: Add to Phone’s Wallet for the quick-draw angler.

Important Things To Know When Buying Online Or By Phone

2023 License Year Details

The 2023 license year is like a leap year for fishing—13 months of angling glory. More time to fish, more stories to tell.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards: The usual suspects—Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.
  • Debit Cards: PIN-less wonders are welcome.
  • CPW Gift Certificates: Give the gift of fishing—it’s better than a sweater.

License Delivery

  • Mailing Process: Quick as a trout, it’s in the mail.
  • Temporary Authorization Number (TAN): Fish now, show later.
  • Digital Options: Print it or app it, your choice.

Customer Support

Got a snag? Here’s how to untangle it:

  • Call Center: Dial (303) 297-1192 for a lifeline.
  • CPW Park or Office: Face-to-face help, the old-fashioned way.
  • Online Resources: FAQs and guides at your service.
  • Language Support: Colorado’s as diverse as its fish species.

Additional Resources And Tips

Fishing Locations In Colorado

From mountain streams to urban ponds, Colorado’s got it all. Check out the CPW website for the lowdown on where to cast your line.

Conservation And Wildlife Management

Your license fees are like seeds for conservation—every purchase helps Colorado’s natural habitats thrive.


Getting your Colorado fishing license is as easy as reeling in a sunfish on a lazy Sunday. With options galore and the myColorado app, you’re all set to tackle Colorado’s waters. So gear up, cast out, and remember: in Colorado, every day is a good day to fish.

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