Get Your Spokane Valley Fishing License in 3 Simple Steps

Fishing is a popular recreational activity in Spokane Valley, with plentiful lakes, rivers, and streams offering abundant opportunities to reel in trout, bass, perch, and more. However, anyone over the age of 15 wishing to cast a line in public waterways requires a valid Washington state fishing license. Thankfully, purchasing your license is now easier than ever through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (WDFW) convenient online license system, allowing anglers to obtain permits instantly without leaving home.

This straightforward digital process saves you time and hassle compared to visiting a retail outlet or regional office. Within a few quick clicks, you can access season-long or short-term licenses granting access to both freshwater and saltwater fishing across the state. Read on for a simple 3-step guide to securing your Spokane Valley fishing pass online today.

Step 1: Determine Which Fishing License You Need

Before purchasing your license, some key considerations will help pinpoint the specific permit type and duration best suited to your needs. These include:

Residency Status

Resident licenses – for those living in Washington for at least 90 consecutive days.
Non-resident licenses – for those living outside Washington. More expensive but valid for longer.


Youth (15 years & under) – discounted youth license available.
Adult (16-69 years) – regular adult license required.
Senior (70+ years) – discounted senior licenses available.

Fishing Location

Freshwater only – cheaper and just covers freshwater fishing.
Combination – allows fishing in fresh and salt waters.


1, 3, or 5 day licenses – short validity, best for infrequent anglers.
Annual licenses – most economical choice for regular fishermen. Valid for 365 days from purchase.

With residency, age, location, and duration factors impacting options and pricing, WDFW provides a handy license guide to identify the specific permit best suiting your situation.

Step 2: Set Up A WILD Account

To enable fully digital purchasing, you’ll first need to register for a free Washington Integraded Fish and Wildlife Licensing System (WILD) ID account. This secure online profile stores your personal details, contact information, and record of licenses obtained via the system.

Creating your WILD account takes just a few minutes by visiting the WILD website and clicking “Create New Account”. You’ll be asked to provide identifying details like your:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Contact details

This information is used to confirm your identity and residency status for licensing purposes.

Tip: If you’ve owned a license in the past 5 years, first search for your existing WILD ID profile instead of creating a duplicate account.

Once your WILD registration is complete, saving your unique username and password allows smooth access whenever you need to purchase additional licenses.

Step 3: Purchase Your Spokane Valley Fishing License

With your WILD account ready to go, obtaining your digital Washington fishing license takes just minutes:

  1. Log into your WILD account at
  2. Select desired license – browse options for your situation and click “Add to cart”.
  3. Confirm purchase details like license type, duration, residency status and payment method.
  4. Enter payment info to complete transaction – licenses can be purchased directly using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card.
  5. Print or save confirmation – your digital license will be instantly emailed and available to access from your WILD account. For backup, be sure to print or save a copy on your phone.

Once purchased, your all-access fishing license will be valid for fishing activities statewide for the specified duration. Be sure to carry your license confirmation at all times while fishing as proof of a valid permit in case a WDFW enforcement officer requests to see it.

For additional details on Washington’s licensing rules, season regulations, and purchasing FAQs, the WDFW fishing website has you covered.

Top Spokane Valley Fishing Spots

Now that you’ve secured quick digital access to your 2023 fishing license, it’s time to take advantage by wetting a line at Spokane Valley’s top fishing hot spots.

Liberty Lake

Boasting over 700 acres of water and nearly 11 miles of shoreline, Liberty Lake provides a picturesque fishery bursting with rainbow trout, perch, bass, and other species. Early spring through late fall offers peak action, with varied habitat ranging from shallow weed beds to a deep old river channel.

Where to Fish: County boat launches on the east end of the lake provide prime access. The north shoreline also holds several trout-rich areas wadeable from shore.

What’s Biting: Rainbow trout stocked seasonally by WDFW are a main draw, along with decent sized perch. Largemouth and smallmouth bass thrive in warmer months.

Tips: Focus efforts in the early morning and evening. Powerbait off the bottom or trolling Wedding Rings, Flatfish or small spoons prove effective for trout.

Newman Lake

Newman Lake stretches over 1,800 acres just 10 miles northeast of downtown Spokane, promising a quality fishery with plentiful rainbow trout as the main attraction. Its unique long, narrow shape with several shallow flats and drop-offs also houses bass, perch, crappie and more.

Where to Fish: Public launches near the dam on East Newman Lake Rd provide prime access. Shore fishing the flats using bobbers or fishing from anchored boats also produces.

What’s Biting: Feisty 10-16 inch rainbow trout stocked April-June are a prime target. The lake also holds good numbers of largemouth bass, perch, crappie and bullhead catfish.

Tips: Focus on areas 10-20 feet deep early season, then target weed beds once water warms up. Powerbait, worms, or flashers with wedding rings work well for trout while bass will strike crankbaits and soft plastic craws.

Long Lake

Stretching over 1800 acres, Long Lake sits just minutes north of downtown Spokane Valley, promising a varied warmwater fishery with bass, perch, crappie and trout. Weed growth is moderate, with a few deeper holes and several shallow flats.

Where to Fish: County parks on the lake’s north and south shores offer boat launches and shore fishing access. Drop shotting the edge of weed lines proves productive.

What’s Biting: Largemouth and smallmouth bass thrive, with the best action once water temperatures hit the mid 60s. Yellow perch, black crappie, and rainbow trout round out the options.

Tips: Target bass around weed edges using soft plastics including senkos, brush hogs and craw imitations. Live minnows or small crappie jigs tempt both perch and crappie.

Fishing License Fees and Exemptions

When purchasing your Spokane Valley fishing permit online, license fees vary based on residency, age, and duration selected. Once you’ve created a WILD ID account, the online system summarizes precise permit costs prior to final checkout. But to set expectations, most annual 2023 license rates are:

  • Adult WA Resident Annual Freshwater – $30.70
  • Adult WA Resident Annual Combination – $63.47
  • Senior WA Resident Annual Freshwater – $10.08
  • Non-WA Resident 1-Day Freshwater – $16.19
  • Non-WA Resident Annual Freshwater – $97.85

While most anglers need a standard fishing license to access Washington’s public waterways, certain groups are exempt from purchasing permits. These license exemptions recognized by WDFW include:

  • Youth – Children under 15 require no license.
  • Disabled Veterans – 100% disabled veterans can obtain free licenses.
  • Blind Residents – Legally blind WA residents fish license-free.
  • Tribal Members – Native tribe members entitled to fish under federal law.
  • Special Events – Some organized fishing events provide permits for participants.

For full details on license costs based on your situation, or to confirm if you qualify for an exemption status, refer to WDFW’s license purchasing webpage.

How to Renew an Expired Fishing License

Previously purchased annual Washington fishing licenses expire 365 days from the issue date printed on your permit. So when the time comes to renew your expired license, simply follow the same quick online purchasing process through your existing WILD account.

Conveniently, WILD saves your personal details and past license history for streamlined renewals in future years. When logged into your profile, you can view expiration dates for current permits and quickly select appropriate renewal options as needed.

If visiting the WILD site, first search your existing account using your username, date of birth and SSN rather than creating any secondary profiles. From there, smoothly renew expired fishing licenses in just minutes:

  1. Log into your WILD account and access “View Licenses” to check expiration dates.
  2. Click “Buy a License” and select the desired renewal fishing license meeting your 2023 needs.
  3. Confirm updated residency and contact details if necessary then proceed to online checkout.
  4. Enter payment via credit/debit card to complete the renewal license transaction.
  5. Print/save the updated license confirmation as your new 2023 fishing permit.

Spending just a few minutes online to renew saves heading to an office or retail outlet in person. And not letting licenses inadvertently lapse means no risk of fines while enjoying Washington’s abundant fisheries.

Tips for Successful Online Fishing License Purchases

As Washington transitions to fully digital licensing accessed via individuals’ WILD ID accounts, a few tips will ensure the process of buying fishing permits online goes smoothly:

Create your WILD profile in advance – Register and verify your account details ahead of time rather than leaving it until licenses are needed. This avoids any last minute issues confirming your identity.

Double check license selections – When making purchases through WILD for the first time, carefully review options to choose the specific permit matching your situation for activities planned.

Print multiple copies of licenses – Digital licenses via WILD provide needed proof of documentation. But having backup paper copies or offline screenshots on your phone adds extra assurance in case of emergency.

Save payment details (optional) – When logged into your WILD account, you can securely save Visa/Mastercard details for fast checkout on future license purchases rather than re-entering each transaction.

Add fishing licenses to phone wallet – Once purchased, use the option to add your digital WDFW fishing permit to Apple Wallet or Google Pay for handy access if cell signal allows.

Know your WILD account login – Note down your unique WILD username and password created in a secure place. This prevents headaches from being locked out when eventually renewing expired licenses.

Spokane Valley Fishing Rules and Regulations

While your license grants basic fishing access, be sure to also follow all regulations around seasonal openings, limits, gear restrictions, and protected species in Spokane Valley waters.

Several key rules to keep top of mind include:

  • Limits and Sizes: Abide by daily catch limits and size restrictions for trout, bass and other species. Refer to WDFW’s fishing pamphlet for regional specifics.
  • Seasons: Certain species have closed seasons – for example bass fishing is catch and release only from April 1 – June 15.
  • Bait: Live baitfish use is restricted in some waters or requires baitfish permits. Check regulations for your chosen lake.
  • Gear: Be aware of tackle limitations like barbless single-point hooks mandated in some waters.
  • Protected Species: It’s illegal to target protected fish like bull trout outside of special permit seasons. Responsibly release prohibited fish immediately.

For complete specifics on regulations, daily limits, gear rules and advisories around species like bass, trout and panfish on your chosen waterway, reference the WDFW fishing website. Armed with the right info, you’ll steer clear of inadvertent violations.

Enjoy World-Class Spokane Valley Fishing!

With glistening lakes and flowing rivers offering fantastic fishing minutes from downtown Spokane Valley, securing quick digital access to your 2024 Washington fishing license is the first step to hit the water.

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