Buy your Idaho fishing license hassle-free online

Planning a fishing trip to Idaho’s pristine lakes, reservoirs, and rivers? Before dropping a line, you’ll need to buy a fishing license. This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about getting an Idaho fishing license online for 2024, including:

  • Benefits of buying online
  • License types and costs
  • Step-by-step purchasing process
  • Additional regulations

Plus, recent updates for the 2024 season. Let’s get started!

Why Buy Your Idaho Fishing License Online?

Purchasing your Idaho fishing license online is the most convenient option, allowing you to buy from any device 24/7 without visiting a store.

Benefits include:

  • Convenience: Buy anytime from home or on the go
  • Speed: Complete purchase in just minutes
  • Accessibility: Access license info from your phone while fishing
  • Security: Transactions are secure and data encrypted

Save yourself the hassle and go online.

Idaho Fishing License Costs

License fees depend on residency, age, and duration. Here are the costs for 2024:

Idaho Residents

License Cost
Annual Adult $30.50
3-Year Adult $73.75
1-Day $13.50
Additional Day $6


License Cost
Annual Adult $108
3-Year Adult $320.50
1-Day $22.75
Additional Day $7

Full breakdown of options and discounts.

Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Online

Follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Idaho Fish and Game Website

Go to to start.

2. Select License Type

Choose resident or non-resident and your desired duration.

3. Enter Personal Details

Provide your name, address, DOB, ID numbers, etc.

4. Pay Online

Pay via credit/debit card. Processing fee applies.

5. Save Digital Copy

Download to phone or print license to carry fishing.

And you’re set! Be sure to carry license when fishing.

Know The Additional Idaho Fishing Regulations

Before fishing, be aware of:

  • Seasons: Vary by species and region (details)
  • Limits: Daily limits on certain fish
  • Gear: Barbless hooks or poles restrictions
  • Closures: Some waters closed certain times

Full regulations here.

What’s New for 2024

Recent regulation changes to note:

Review all updated fishing rules before hitting the water!


Getting an Idaho fishing license online is fast and easy. Just visit, select your license type, enter your details, pay, and hit the water! Be sure to know the seasons, limits, and gear restrictions too.

Here’s to a great 2024 fishing season in Idaho! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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