Top 5 Places to Buy Frozen Fish like Long John Silver’s (2024)

Longing for the savory crunch of Long John Silver’s famous fish but stuck at home? Fear not, seafood aficionados! We’re about to embark on a culinary treasure hunt to uncover the top 5 places to buy frozen fish that’ll make your taste buds sing sea shanties in delight. From the convenience of your local giants to the digital depths of online shopping, we’ve scoured the seven seas—or at least the continental USA—to bring you the ultimate guide to satisfying those briny cravings. So grab your captain’s hat, and let’s set sail!

Top 5 Places To Buy Frozen Fish In The USA

1. Walmart

Ahoy, budget navigators! Walmart is your trusty port for a bounty of frozen fish. Here, you’ll find an ocean’s worth of choices, from breaded fish fillets to succulent shrimp. With prices that won’t make your wallet walk the plank, Walmart is a treasure trove for seafood lovers.

2. Costco

For those who prefer their freezer as stocked as a pirate’s loot, Costco beckons. Their vast selection of frozen fish, including treasures that rival Long John Silver’s own, is a bulk buyer’s dream. Don’t miss the Kirkland Signature brand—renowned for quality that’s as impressive as a mermaid’s serenade, without the siren’s price tag.

3. Local Supermarkets

Set your compass to your neighborhood supermarkets, where the likes of Kroger, Safeway, and Publix await. These local coves often harbor frozen fish selections that might just trick your palate into thinking you’ve set anchor at Long John Silver’s. Keep a weather eye on the horizon for sales and deals that are as delightful as finding a hidden cove of doubloons.

4. Amazon

In the modern age of sail, even the mighty Amazon has dropped anchor in the frozen fish market. With a fleet of breaded options that echo the Long John Silver’s experience, Amazon delivers the ocean’s bounty straight to your door. Convenience has never tasted so good!

5. FishingLicenceUSA.Com

And for the adventurous souls yearning to reel in their own catch, is your beacon in the fog. We’re not just about the paperwork; we’re your first mate in finding the perfect fishing spots to cast your line. Imagine the satisfaction of frying up a fish you’ve caught yourself, a true homage to the Long John Silver’s tradition. Visit our website for the scoop on fishing licenses, regulations, and where the fish are biting.


There you have it, sea dogs and landlubbers alike—the top 5 places to buy frozen fish akin to Long John Silver’s in the USA. Whether you’re navigating the aisles of your local market or charting the virtual seas of online shopping, these spots are sure to quell your seafood yearnings. So hoist your sails, fill your carts, and may your dinner be as bountiful as the ocean itself! And remember, for those with the spirit of an angler, is your trusty guide to all things fishing. Happy fishing, and bon appétit!

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