At what age is a fishing license required in Georgia?

At what age is a fishing license required in Georgia?

Attention all fishing enthusiasts! If you’re planning to cast your line in the beautiful waters of Georgia, there’s something you need to know. Interest piqued? Well, it’s all about the fishing license requirements in the Peach StateDesire to stay on the right side of the law? Then, keep reading to find out at what age a fishing license is required in Georgia, the types of licenses available, and much more. Ready for action? Let’s dive in!

Age Requirement for Fishing Licenses in Georgia

In Georgia, residents aged 16 to 64 must have a fishing license to fish in both fresh and salt waters. This license covers basic fishing privileges, but additional licenses may be required depending on the location and type of fishing. Nonresident family members of a resident landowner must obtain a nonresident license to hunt or fish, except that nonresidents under age 16 may fish or hunt small game without a Georgia license.

At what age is a fishing license required in Georgia?

Types of Fishing Licenses in Georgia

Georgia offers a variety of fishing licenses to cater to the diverse needs of its anglers. Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Basic Fishing License: This is the standard license required for residents aged 16-64 to fish in Georgia’s fresh and salt waters.
  2. Saltwater Information Program (SIP) Permit: This free permit is required for anyone aged 16 and over who fishes in saltwater.
  3. Trout License: This paid license is required for persons aged 16 and older to fish for or possess mountain trout.
  4. Youth Fishing License: This optional license is available for residents under the age of 16.
  5. Lifetime License: Residents of all ages can purchase a lifetime fishing license.
  6. Combo Hunting and Fishing License: This license combines the privileges of hunting and fishing.

Cost of Fishing Licenses in Georgia

The cost of fishing licenses in Georgia varies depending on the type of license and the residency status of the angler. Here’s a quick rundown of the costs:

  • Annual Resident License: $15
  • Annual Non-Resident License: $50
  • Annual Youth License: $10
  • Senior (65+) License: $7
  • Trout License: $10 for residents, $25 for non-residents
  • Lifetime License: One-time $35 fee for those aged 65 and older

Where to Buy a Georgia Fishing License

You can easily purchase a Georgia fishing license online or in person at one of the authorized providers. Go Outdoors Georgia is the approved and authorized provider of online fishing and hunting licenses for the state of Georgia.

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Fishing in Georgia is a popular pastime, and the state has been recognized as a top-10 state for fishing. However, to enjoy this activity, it’s important to understand the fishing license requirements. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, young or old, make sure you’re equipped with the right license before you cast your line.

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