At What Age Do You Need a Michigan Fishing License? Find Out Here!

Fishing is a popular pastime in Michigan, with abundant lakes, rivers, and streams offering excellent opportunities to catch fish. However, there are specific rules regarding fishing licenses that all anglers must follow.

In Michigan, anyone 17 years of age or older needs a valid fishing license to fish legally in public waters. Those under 17 can fish without a license but must still follow all other fishing regulations. There are a few exceptions, such as active duty military personnel and veterans with disabilities.

To purchase a Michigan fishing license, you have several convenient options:

  • Online – Visit the Michigan DNR website to buy a license instantly. You can choose to print the license or carry it digitally on your phone.
  • In person – Most bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, and major retailers sell licenses over the counter. Bring a valid ID.
  • Mobile app – The Michigan DNR offers a mobile app to purchase and store licenses digitally.

When fishing, you must carry your license and be prepared to show it to conservation officers upon request, along with valid photo ID used to buy the license.

The cost of a license varies based on residency and age:

  • Resident Annual: $26
  • Nonresident Annual: $76
  • Senior Annual (65+): $11

Knowing the fishing license rules is crucial for legal and ethical angling. Doublecheck that you have the proper license before wetting a line in Michigan!

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