Alberta Fishing License cost: Everything you need to know

Fishing in Alberta’s pristine lakes and rivers is a popular pastime for both residents and visitors. However, before you can cast your line, you need to understand the costs and regulations associated with obtaining a fishing license in Alberta. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Alberta fishing license costs.

Understanding the Costs

The cost of an Alberta fishing license varies depending on several factors, including your residency status and the duration of the license. Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

  • Annual Sportfishing License: For Alberta residents, the cost is $28 per year. Non-resident Canadians pay $85 per year, while non-residents from outside Canada pay $85 per year.
  • 1-Day Sportfishing License: Non-resident Canadians pay $25, while non-residents from outside Canada pay $26.63.
  • 7-Day Sportfishing License: Non-resident Canadians pay $41, while non-residents from outside Canada pay $55.
  • Special Harvest Licenses: These licenses, which are available for walleye fishing, cost $11 for Alberta residents.

It’s important to note that certain individuals are exempt from needing a fishing license in Alberta. These include individuals under 16 years of age, Alberta residents 65 years of age or older, and individuals who hold a Certificate of Indian Status in accordance with the federal Indian Act.

Purchasing Your Alberta Sportfishing License: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embarking on a fishing adventure in Alberta’s pristine waters? Before you can cast your line, you’ll need to secure a sportfishing license. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the process.

  1. Prepare Your Essentials: To purchase an Alberta sportfishing license online, you’ll need a few key items: a valid credit card, an email address, and a Wildlife Identification Number (WIN). Think of your WIN as your unique identifier in the world of Alberta wildlife – it’s your passport to the province’s fishing opportunities.
  2. Apply for a WIN: Don’t have a WIN yet? No worries! You can apply for one online. It’s a straightforward process, and once you have your WIN, it’s valid for five years. That means five years of fishing adventures in Alberta’s lakes and rivers.
  3. Choose Your License: Alberta offers a variety of sportfishing licenses to suit different needs. Whether you’re an Alberta resident planning frequent fishing trips or a visitor looking to fish for a day, there’s a license for you.

Fishing in Alberta’s National Parks: What You Need to Know

If your fishing adventure takes you to one of Alberta’s stunning National Parks, remember that your provincial fishing license isn’t valid there. But don’t let that stop you! National Parks offer their own fishing licenses.

  • Daily License: If you’re planning a day trip, a daily National Park fishing license costs $9.80.
  • Annual License: If you’re a frequent visitor to the parks, consider the annual pass for $34.30. It’s a cost-effective option if you plan to fish in the parks more than three times a year.

Special Harvest Licenses: Your Ticket to Walleye Fishing

For those interested in walleye fishing, Alberta offers Special Harvest Licenses. These licenses cost $11 and can be purchased online or at License Issuers. Imagine the thrill of reeling in a walleye, a species renowned for its fighting spirit and delicious taste!

Sustainable Fishing Practices: Your Role in Conservation

When you purchase a fishing license in Alberta, you’re not just buying access to some of the best fishing spots in Canada. You’re also contributing to the province’s conservation efforts. Alberta’s fishing regulations are designed to ensure the sustainability of its fish populations.

By following the regulations, you’re helping to maintain healthy fish populations for future generations. It’s a win-win situation: you enjoy a fantastic fishing experience, and Alberta’s fish populations thrive. So, the next time you’re out on the water, remember: every cast you make with a valid license is a cast for conservation.


Fishing in Alberta offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the province’s natural beauty while participating in a beloved pastime. Understanding the costs and regulations associated with obtaining a fishing license is the first step towards a successful fishing trip. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this guide provides you with the information you need to navigate the process of obtaining a fishing license in Alberta.

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