2020 Michigan Fishing License Cost: How Much to Fish?

2024 Michigan Fishing License Cost: How Much to Fish?

Are you eager to cast your line in Michigan’s abundant waters this year? Before you head out, it’s crucial to understand the 2024 Michigan fishing license costs and regulations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to legally fish in the Great Lakes State, from license types and fees to age requirements and purchasing options. Let’s dive in!

Who Needs a Fishing License in Michigan?

In Michigan, anyone 17 years or older must have a valid fishing license to fish in public waters. This applies whether you’re targeting fish, amphibians, crustaceans, or reptiles. If you’re under 17, you can fish without a license but must follow all fishing rules and regulations.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Children under 17 don’t need a license but must observe all regulations
  • Residents 65 and older or legally blind can purchase a senior license at a discounted rate
  • Active-duty military personnel who are Michigan residents can fish without a license

2024 Michigan Fishing License Types and Fees

Michigan offers several fishing license options to cater to residents and non-residents alike. Here’s a breakdown of the 2024 license types and costs:

License TypeResident FeeNon-Resident Fee
Annual All-Species$26$76
Senior Annual (65+ or legally blind)$11N/A
Daily (24-hour)$10$10
72-Hour (3-Day)N/A$30

Includes a $1 surcharge for conservation and education programs.

It’s important to note that all fishing licenses are valid from March 1 through March 31 of the following year, regardless of when you purchase them. If you plan on fishing multiple times throughout the season, an annual license offers the best value.

How to Purchase a Michigan Fishing License

Obtaining your 2024 Michigan fishing license is a breeze, with several convenient options available:

  1. Online at the Michigan DNR eLicense website (Michigan.gov/DNRLicenses)
  2. Through the Michigan DNR Hunt Fish mobile app
  3. In-person at a licensed agent or DNR Customer Service Center
  4. By phone at 888-367-7060

When purchasing a license, you’ll need to provide identification and proof of residency if applicable. Once you have your license, make sure to carry it with you whenever you’re fishing, along with a valid form of identification.

Fishing Regulations and Harvest Reporting

In addition to securing a fishing license, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Michigan’s fishing regulations. The 2024 Michigan Fishing Guide, available online and wherever licenses are sold, outlines season dates, catch limits, size restrictions, and other important rules.

As of 2024, anglers who harvest certain species, such as lake sturgeon and muskellunge, must report their catch within 24 hours. You can register your harvest online, through the DNR mobile app, or by calling 888-636-7778. For lake sturgeon caught in Black Lake, you must register your catch immediately on-site with DNR personnel.

Can I fish in Michigan without a license?

Only children under 17 and active-duty military residents can fish without a license in Michigan. All other anglers must have a valid fishing license.

How much does a senior fishing license cost in Michigan?

Michigan residents aged 65 or older, as well as those who are legally blind, can purchase a senior annual fishing license for just $11.

Do I need a separate license to fish in the Great Lakes?

No, your Michigan fishing license covers all public waters in the state, including the Great Lakes. However, be aware of any specific regulations for the waters you plan to fish.

Can I purchase a Michigan fishing license for someone else?

Yes, you can buy a fishing license as a gift for another person. You’ll need to provide their personal information, such as name, address, and date of birth, during the purchase process.


Fishing in Michigan offers an incredible opportunity to connect with nature and experience world-class angling. By understanding the 2024 Michigan fishing license costs, regulations, and purchasing options, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy a successful and legal fishing season. Remember to always carry your license, follow the rules, and respect the environment to help preserve Michigan’s fishing heritage for generations to come.

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